Piquant pieces


Baskets that you can use anywhere, my favorite thing to make. One is Essential oils basket: linen, lace, cotton batting, “blue mood” embroidery The other one is tropical design fabric with “Hiraeth” embrodiery – Cymraeg (Welsh) word which doesn’t translate well into English. It is a deep longing for home. This poem makes an attempt at…
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Prosinec 27, 2018 0

Veggie kitchen bags

I wanted to improve the look of open kitchen island and came up with these embroidered bags for potatoes, garlic, onions or anything you store in visible place

Prosinec 27, 2018 0

Snack bags for pet friends

Fun to make little cotton poplin lined bags for snacks or anything you want to carry

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The excitement begins

Červenec 13, 2018 1